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Boy Scouts of America : Troop 60

American Embassy School
Chanakyapuri, Delhi

The Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City works closely with Troop 60 of the Boy Scouts of America, based at the American Embassy School, New Delhi to jointly execute community service projects.

The following table lists the Eagle Community Service Projects that the Boy Scouts of Troop 60 have executed in partnership with RC Delhi Garden City.

       Year                Scout               Project
2014 Sidney Williams Toilet Renovations
MCD Girls School
Sriniwaspuri, Delhi
2013 Madhav NarayanSlum School Renovation
Sriniwaspuri, Delhi
 2013 Jayant GopalanNew  Computer Lab
Baas Panchayat School
 2012 Alex BriskmanNew Library
MCD Girls School
Sriniwaspuri, Delhi
 2012 Nikhil KolurNew Computer Lab 
MCD Girls School
Sriniwaspuri, Delhi
 2010 Wesley Hamilton Slum School Renovation
Srinwaspuri, Delhi

In 2014, we partnered with the Boy Scouts Troop 60 to do a complete renovation of the dilapidated toilets of the MCD Girls in Sriniwaspuri, Delhi. Three toilets on each of four floors were renovated to provide convenient access to the 800 girl students and 27 teachers at the school. For more details, please refer t the pictorial report.

Renovated Bathrooms, April 2014
Scouts Painting the Toilets, April 2014

In 2013, the Boy Scouts Troop 60 undertook a comprehensive renovation of the   Srinwaspuri Slum School   which involved painting the school, installation of tiles, tables/chairs, electrical and masonry repairs, and fixing the windows. For more details please refer to the pictorial report.

Scouts painting the classroom. October 2013
Renovated Classroom at Slum School. October 2013

The Boy Scouts also set a Computer Lab at the Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School in Teekli Village, Gurgaon. This project included infrastructure enhancements, furniture, setting up a wireless network, and developmentof teacher training and aids. In addition, 16 Samsung Galaxy tablet computers werepurchased for use by the children in the new Computer Lab along with Mindspark software from Educational Initiatives.

New Computer Lab at Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School, June 2013

In 2012, the Boy Scouts set up a library at the MCD Girls School  in Srinwaspuri,   arranging for book shelves, painting murals on the walls, and helping acquire books and  carpets. This was followed by the setting up of a computer lab in the same school. The Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City arranged for a donation of 9 computers  from CB Richard Ellis, and the scouts raised funds to buy UPS's, furniture, and software for the children at the school. A complete summary of the 2012-13 renovations carried out jointly by the Boy Scouts and Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City at the MCD Girls School, can be found in this pictorial report.

MCD School Library being painted by American Embassy School students, Dec 2011
Computer Lab at MCD School set up by the Boy Scouts of America, April 2012

In 2010, the Boy Scouts renovated the   Basti Vikas Slum School   in Sriniwaspuri, painting the walls, installing new boards, furniture, general electric and infrastructure repairs.

In 2009, a Dental Hygiene Camp was conducted by the Boy Scouts for the benefit of the residents of the   Don Bosco Ashalayam    in Dwarka. 

Dental Hygiene Camp conducted by the Boy Scouts of America at Don Bosco Ashalayam, Oct 2009
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