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Polio Corrective Surgeries/ Club Foot Surgeries

St. Stephens Hospital
Tis Hazari Delhi

(2013 - )

Polio Corrective Surgeries

To reduce the disability arising from childhood musculoskeletal problems including paralytic poliomyelitis, we have been associating with St. Stephen's Hospital, Tis Hazari, to financially help economically weak children undergo surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation to get them to be independent and walk on their own. In 2013-14 club donated Rs 3.50 Lakhs to St. Stephen's Hospital for these surgeries.

Club Foot Surgeries

Doctors attending at St. Stephens Hospital during Club Foot Surgery

This is the most common congenital issue faced by children in India, as 75,000 children a year are born with this. Since year 2014-15, our club has been supporting club foot surgeries at St. Stephens Hospital.

We are into fourth year of our support for the Club Foot Surgeries.

During these years, our club contributed

2018-19 :    Rs. 3.00 lakhs

2017-18   :    Rs. 3.00 lakhs 

2016-17   :    Rs. 2.00 lakhs

2015-16   :    Rs. 1.50 lakhs

2014-15   :    Rs. 2.00 lakhs

Every time an equal amount is matched by St. Stephens Patients Welfare Association, thus doubling the amount of support of such surgeries.

In 2013-14 our Club donated Rs. 3.50 lakhs for the Polio Corrective surgeries

Donation for Club Foot Surgery to St. Stephens Hospital
Visit to St. Stephens Hospital for Club Foot Surgery
Donation for Club Foot Surgery & Incubators to St. Stephens Hospital