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Cleft-Lip Surgeries

Prakash Hospital, Noida

(2012 - 2013)

India has the highest rate of people with cleft lips with over40,000 children born with cleft lips every year (approx 3 every hour). Since lack of quality pre-natal care is one of the main causes for cleft lips, the parents are equally unable to afford treatment for their children born with cleft lips. Such children face severe difficulty in breathing, eating and speech, and in extreme case become victims of infanticide.   

The Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City in partnership with the Rotary Club of Stuttgard-Solitude (in Rotary District 1830)  and Rotary Gemeindienst Deutschland will be supporting Cleft Lip surgeries for 46 children in the Delhi/NCR region in 2012-13. The cleft-lip surgeries will be coordinated by the Maaya Foundation and carried out at the Prakash Hospital in Noida.

The children benefiting from this project will be drawn from underprivileged sections of our community. Each child will receive free surgery and stay at the hospital, to and for travel costs for the patient, and followup rehabilitation  therapy if required for orthodontic treatment or speech therapy.

Cleft-Lip Surgeries